Saturday, 2 November 2013

The cause of dry skin- SLS

Recently I have post an article on my facebook page about sodium laureth sulfate, SLS. I am going to post the link here as well, if you have time, please read it.
This article explain something what we, soapmakers already know and what we would like everyone to know- the harmful and cheap bubbling agent in all shampoos and shower gels. This industrially cheap ingredient is the one causing dry skin for most of us- it is as simple as that. So we buy body lotions, because we need it. We know of course that hard water, sun, swimming pool etc can wear out our delicate skin, but some of the circumstances, for example the sun can be balanced with sufficient amount of water drunk. However, there is still a lot to blame to SLS. This is why I began to make soaps with almost 100 % pure, extra virgin olive oil of Portugal. This olive oil grows right where I stay so it cannot be anymore pure.
The benefits of olive oil for your skin:
  • It is an incredible moisturizer, containing linoleic acid, which prevents the water from evapurating
  • It contains antioxidant, which can help neutralizing some agents lead to skin aging or skin cancer
  • It is a lubricant for shaving

I enclose a picture of my rose and pink clay soap. You can order for Christmas it will come wrapped for a perfect present. Price: 3 euros. I can post is too, that is an additional cost.