Thursday, 14 November 2013

How to make apple cider vinegar, rasberry vinagre etc. at home

It is so simple, and the result is well worth it!!

I've been making apple cider vinegar at home for over a year, and now I will put the recipe here for everybody to test and to make it as well. ITs benefits are that is not being made with industrial vinegar so it has all the vitamins that supposed to have.
You need a 5 litre glass jar.
2 kg of apple, can be the pieces you don't eat, don't have to be perfect apples. It is ok to be brown but no mould.
Cut the apples and take the pieces and put in the jar.
Boil 2 litres of water with 200 gr of sugar.
When it is lukewarm, pour over the apple and put a piece of bread on top. With bread you can make sourcrout as well, without the sugar but loads of salt.
It is important for the liquid to cover the apples and to reach the bottom of the bread. Not good to cover the bread because it can become soggy, goes inside and won't ferment.
Once is done, cover it with a thin clothes, and an elastic band. The idea is to let it breed without the flies going inside.
Let it rest in a warm place for 10 days. In the summer I put out of sunlight but warm place in the garden. In the winter goes on the heater.
During the 10 days, mix it regularly. After the 10 days is up drain it and measure the liquid. Each litre of liquid requires further 100 gr of sugar.
Cover it again, now only the liquid with the sugar and let it rest for 4 weeks. First it is going to look like that it will be wine but then it will become clear  it will have a thin layer of a jelly thing which at the end of the 4 weeks can be taken out and kept for the next time you make vinagre. With that jelly thing you will not need so much apples next time.All you have to do put some water, sugar and a little apple and you can always have apple cider vinagre.
The remaining clear liquid is your vinagre can be used internally and externally. Please remember: as you make it at home sometimes can become stronger sometimes weaker like everything, you have to make it several times to be experienced. We do it loads of times and it is never the same.
Would you like to make rasberry vinagre? Just do the same or any other fruits you desire. The basic is the same.
The recipe and the pictures come from this source:

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