Saturday, 16 November 2013

Eczema- my experiences and my solutions

How I fight this very common disease

I' ve neved had an issue with eczema or major skin problems whatsoever. Until I had kids. And all of them with eczema. So I began to search what causes it, why it appears etc. The reasons and the cause are very diverse. SOme say it is because of food, others that is a reaction like allergy due to low immune system. I also read that it can be caused by something which the skin is exposed to. The reasons can be both: internal and external. And I know for a fact that is true. My children had both reasons but mainly the latter one. How do I know? We went to the swimming pool of the condominium it appeared, when we didn't it didn't appear. Since it was easy to detect-some people are not that lucky- I focused on trying to treat externally. I remember that I read something very simple for newborns. Since I have just had a baby born, I was searching for something I can use on newborns skin to wash. I don't like to use big brands full of chemicals, being a soapmaker making 100 % natural soaps, and I like the environment. Also my soaps are gentle but I still wasn't sure if such a small baby needs anything at that time. Then I find something so incredibly simple:

Heat some milk to lukewarm
Put 1 spoon of honey in it
Then mix it with porridge- oat finely ground
until it becomes like baby food.
As I knew oatmeal is good for eczema, I thought I give it a try. Before shower I asked the kids to cover themselves in it. They were very happy because while standing in a shower they kept putting it not only on their body but also in they mouth!!!!
And never guess what? The next day eczema dissappeared completely. I couldn't beleive it.
Then I began to think how it can be done as a soap. Lets see, what are the ingredients: milk, oat, honey. I thought if it has to be milk, better to be goat's milk as it is even stronger to fight eczema. Doctors suggest to drink goat's milk because it is very effective against allergy. So my primary ingredient had to be goats milk. Then it also had to be 100% olive oil to sooth dry skin- we know olive oil is the best. And then the finely ground oat. I also put some ginger in it to be super- anti bacterial.
And here we have- Ezcema Eraser soap was born.
I figured if I use the soap to avoid the ezcema to appear, if we do go to the swimming pool or it appears because of other reason I use the milk-honey oat mixture. And I do this up to this day.