Friday, 25 October 2013

About me and my beleives

Dear Everybody!

First of all let me thank you all, who takes the time and effort to read or comment on whatever I post here.
I am a person dedicated to the environment and also the health of people. What is my story briefly? Antibiotics nearly killed me, wiped out probiotics in my stomach, caused me series of problems. So I began to turn to alternative solutions- silver kolloid, homeopathy, all kinds of plant extracts. This, my masters in sustainable tourism led me to be environmental and health concious. A year and a half ago I did a series of courses to learn how to make natural cosmectis, which is actually a lifelong study, as there is always more we can do or learn. I began to make 100 % natural soaps and those I will advert in my blog as well. But I will also put a lot fo information, article how harmful cosmetics are, what we can avoid or simple tips to make at home. THis refers to household cleaning stuff as well. Click on my facebook site- Dalara Soap Co and you can already see some tips- I will post them here too. Have a great day, always and remember: 2 things can really harm us and we can do something about- cosmetics and food. Not always we can infulences other pollution, but these 2- there is natural solution for every single problem in household or cosmetics. The food? Just grow whatever you can.